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Competition: AUSTRALIAN OPEN | Hard Surface
Nadal's Tournament Performance: R16 | Rafael Nadal was defeated by Novak Djokovic 5-7, 6-4, 6-2, 6-7,
Date: Jan, 15th - Jan, 29th | Melbourne Park | Melbourne, Australia 

COA: “Dream Auctions” available upon request . 

PROVENANCE:  Magnificent provenance. Garments coming in first source from a Spanish journalist who was very close to Rafa and who covered his career from his first seasons, where he also became a fan of Rafa and started one of the most important collections that exist of the Spanish legend. Piece given as a gift from Nadal to the journalist due their friendhsip since his beginnings. As Dream Auctions we are proud to be able to present and auction for the first time to sports lovers a collection of this level of exclusivity and provenance. We really hope that Rafa's story remains in the best hands. Yours!

NOTE 1: BE PART OF THE HISTORY OF RAFA Boots  design made and worn on court by "Rafa" during th Australian Open in 2012, , a title that Rafa has won on 2 times in 2009 and 2022. Crafted exclusively for Rafa Nadal by Nike, they bear the distinctive inner white label "CUSTOMS PROMO "  within and "SAMPLE Property of Nike Not for Resale" stamped legend inside both boots, underscoring their exclusivity and their intimate connection to the tennis clay maestro. Boots designed to be worn only by Rafa Nadal and his technits specifications.

NOTE 2:  PHOTO-MATCHED & UNCLEANED BOOTS! Conclusively photo-matched about right boot exterior sole with scratches.Boots still with many wear marks all around. Sole shows significant marks of use on court specially on the left boots as Nadal position to hit the ball .SEE PHOTO ATTACHED

NOTE 3: . There is not much more to add about what Rafa means to the sport. He is considered the best tennis player in history on clay courts​ and one of the best of all time.To date, he is the second male tennis player with the greatest number of Grand Slam titles in singles, with 22, only surpassed by the Serbian Novak Djokovic, with 24, and ahead of the Swiss Roger Federer, with 20. Finally he won the Roland Garros Tournament in fourteen editions being the tennis player who has achieved it the most times in the entire history of the tournament. 


  • Made in : Taiwan -  Nike Trademark.
  • "CUSTOM PROMO" white inner label on both boots. Exclusively designed by Rafa Nadal by Nike! Not sold in retails.
  • "SAMPLE Property of Nike Not for Resale" stamped legend inside both boots. Exclusively designed by Rafa Nadal by Nike!
  • Right boot features: Exterior “09". Only crafted to Rafa request. Not sold in retails.
  • AIR MAX technology.
  • Size : M 10. 

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